I am here to express myself through my word choice sharing with you my writings that may seem like poetry but to me they are my thoughts, things I question in life or have seen in life. My mind is powerful and I allow it to take its course so be prepared when you come across my page. Some of my writings can be powerful and others just meaningful. Just know that what you read on my page may or may not of been something I personally have been through in life. I also discuss random scenario situation, or a questionable blog but I’m not confined to all of this I also have passions for sports, hair, makeup, and shopping you will see a few posts about these things as well. Stay tune and let us both enjoy this ride together.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014


It's all surreal these petty games we play Your heart belongs to me No one can ever take that away Moving pass the bullshit I sit and watch this crazy parade And realize this game just got real and the moves have been made Taking back what was said was a thing in the PAST All that is left to do is reminisce on all the fun we had Realizing my worth means more to be than gold I cherished the moment when you helped me to grow I am a queen low and behold I am a woman who bares all One who truly knows That I Deserve better from what you have shown My worth to me means more than gold And for that I say goodbye For our life was merely Just a thing in the PAST

Friday, March 29, 2013


Define time to the naked eye Minutes become hours, and hours becomes days. Define time to those lifeless souls With every breath taken, another one fades away. Time is what you make it, It's what you live for It's what you let go of Time... To... Be... You... It's time to define the naked eye As you hear the tick-tock sounds echoes in the room Define time to those lifeless souls Who have lost their way and don't know where to go Every hour, every second, every breath you take Is time....

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Story

Sitting back listening to the oldies as it vibes slowly into my ears making it so damn impossible for me to hear the reality. I don't think I got the lesson on how to mend a broken heart because this love thing just ain't for me. I once had it all and just like that, it was gone don't know whats worst not answering my calls or xing me out for good.Damn I wish I could turn back the hands of time to those happier moments, and fast forward my life to what could of been. You see, I can't afford Tivo so I have to live life in the right now. And right now its over between us I just geared up for a one day war and lost on that battlefield called love. Walking pass each other like strangers on a street not even knowing my name. My heart and wounds all open for everyone to see and one these traces of memories I will leave behind. Love, has a mind of its own its too powerful even for the strongest ones to survive. Advice to you keep your heart locked down, on a deserted island where it can't be found. This right here, is my love story, something unreachable even for me to obtain and as you can see it's time for me to hang up my heart and leave behind this thing called love.

Joy Riding

Damn baby slow it down you got be praying to the God's above thinking this the last ride to Paris that I don't wanna miss. You riding this shit so fast with your foot on the gas hair blowing in the wind and all my thoughts just flew out the window. See this is nice you taking me on this fun little joy ride you got be gripping this seat tight looking at you in disbelief like OMG we at it again. Just another day of me screaming at the top of my lungs, as my eyes become the camera, capturing my life as it passes by. And you probably thought we was fucking, but I'm just expressing to you how this ride is no longer a joy. See my baby, well he upset with me and he says if he can't have me nobody can, so I just sit back,relax, and sing my song to you. He took it to the extreme and I tried to warn people but aint nobody was trying to hear me. We speeding fast dodging in and out of traffic like we running from the Dade County police. And my thoughts, well they decided to rush back into my head, and all I'm thinking at this point is DAMN what, went, wrong, should I be saying my last goodbyes to my moms. My eyes have just captured my last moments of joyriding and all of me is now wrapped around that tree.


Who are you
They ask me looking me up and down like they ain't never seen my kind before
Cause I am a new breed
I am a new species that's one of a kind
You won't see me around unless you stumble into my presence
A beautiful creature sharing my thoughts with the entire Atlantic
I am me, I am she, I'm somebody's daughter
A humble human being who speaks only the truth
An individual who asks questions and doesn't settle for less
People wanting to get a piece of me,
But I live behind closed doors so the paparazzi just can't see me
I prefer it this way keeps one guessing and wondering why
I don't fit into a box, not a square, or a triangle
But I will try and make you realize this angle is merely a facade
So I ask you, Who are you?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bittersweet Addiction

Taste just like honey the feeling of enjoyment each time
How can something so good be so wrong in many ways to me
I'm like a bee get too close to me and I will sting you with no care at all
I like the feeling and the copeasetic mind state I'm in.. Care to joine me?
If only I could find it in my local grocery store I would be
Sure to invest money into or at least other people's money
Because its my bittersweet addiction I battle
The heartache that friends and family go through, but that doesn't phase me
It's my Life remember!
I once was a child of God, but I'm sitting on the sidelines waiting to play my part in this
Devil game of roulette
I'm phased by how I feel every time that needle pierces into my vein
the relaxing state of mind it takes me to
Lost in the world that no one is allowed into
Addiction your so good to me you just gave me the best orgasm of my life
and now my body is slowly shutting down but I'm not afraid...
Afraid of what? The sweet honey that slivers throughout my body
Into another world of ecstasy I walk through the doors of hallucinations.
I don't dream about waking up or seeing the next day too busy watching my back
Coming down from this high and doing it all over again.
This addiciton has taken over me and there is no more reality in my world
Over, and over , and over again in such a sweet blissful state of mind
but the is the last time, last time the needle will pierce my skin and into my already
collapsed veins.. it's the LAST TIME I tell you, this I promise...
Because it was the last time I never woke up from that world of ecstasy.

Side Note: I woke up one morning with a thought of addiction and I allowed my hands do the talking.This has nothing to do with any experiences I have personally dealt with.

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