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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bittersweet Addiction

Taste just like honey the feeling of enjoyment each time
How can something so good be so wrong in many ways to me
I'm like a bee get too close to me and I will sting you with no care at all
I like the feeling and the copeasetic mind state I'm in.. Care to joine me?
If only I could find it in my local grocery store I would be
Sure to invest money into or at least other people's money
Because its my bittersweet addiction I battle
The heartache that friends and family go through, but that doesn't phase me
It's my Life remember!
I once was a child of God, but I'm sitting on the sidelines waiting to play my part in this
Devil game of roulette
I'm phased by how I feel every time that needle pierces into my vein
the relaxing state of mind it takes me to
Lost in the world that no one is allowed into
Addiction your so good to me you just gave me the best orgasm of my life
and now my body is slowly shutting down but I'm not afraid...
Afraid of what? The sweet honey that slivers throughout my body
Into another world of ecstasy I walk through the doors of hallucinations.
I don't dream about waking up or seeing the next day too busy watching my back
Coming down from this high and doing it all over again.
This addiciton has taken over me and there is no more reality in my world
Over, and over , and over again in such a sweet blissful state of mind
but the is the last time, last time the needle will pierce my skin and into my already
collapsed veins.. it's the LAST TIME I tell you, this I promise...
Because it was the last time I never woke up from that world of ecstasy.

Side Note: I woke up one morning with a thought of addiction and I allowed my hands do the talking.This has nothing to do with any experiences I have personally dealt with.

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