I am here to express myself through my word choice sharing with you my writings that may seem like poetry but to me they are my thoughts, things I question in life or have seen in life. My mind is powerful and I allow it to take its course so be prepared when you come across my page. Some of my writings can be powerful and others just meaningful. Just know that what you read on my page may or may not of been something I personally have been through in life. I also discuss random scenario situation, or a questionable blog but I’m not confined to all of this I also have passions for sports, hair, makeup, and shopping you will see a few posts about these things as well. Stay tune and let us both enjoy this ride together.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Joy Riding

Damn baby slow it down you got be praying to the God's above thinking this the last ride to Paris that I don't wanna miss. You riding this shit so fast with your foot on the gas hair blowing in the wind and all my thoughts just flew out the window. See this is nice you taking me on this fun little joy ride you got be gripping this seat tight looking at you in disbelief like OMG we at it again. Just another day of me screaming at the top of my lungs, as my eyes become the camera, capturing my life as it passes by. And you probably thought we was fucking, but I'm just expressing to you how this ride is no longer a joy. See my baby, well he upset with me and he says if he can't have me nobody can, so I just sit back,relax, and sing my song to you. He took it to the extreme and I tried to warn people but aint nobody was trying to hear me. We speeding fast dodging in and out of traffic like we running from the Dade County police. And my thoughts, well they decided to rush back into my head, and all I'm thinking at this point is DAMN what, went, wrong, should I be saying my last goodbyes to my moms. My eyes have just captured my last moments of joyriding and all of me is now wrapped around that tree.

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