I am here to express myself through my word choice sharing with you my writings that may seem like poetry but to me they are my thoughts, things I question in life or have seen in life. My mind is powerful and I allow it to take its course so be prepared when you come across my page. Some of my writings can be powerful and others just meaningful. Just know that what you read on my page may or may not of been something I personally have been through in life. I also discuss random scenario situation, or a questionable blog but I’m not confined to all of this I also have passions for sports, hair, makeup, and shopping you will see a few posts about these things as well. Stay tune and let us both enjoy this ride together.

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Friday, July 2, 2010


Who are you
They ask me looking me up and down like they ain't never seen my kind before
Cause I am a new breed
I am a new species that's one of a kind
You won't see me around unless you stumble into my presence
A beautiful creature sharing my thoughts with the entire Atlantic
I am me, I am she, I'm somebody's daughter
A humble human being who speaks only the truth
An individual who asks questions and doesn't settle for less
People wanting to get a piece of me,
But I live behind closed doors so the paparazzi just can't see me
I prefer it this way keeps one guessing and wondering why
I don't fit into a box, not a square, or a triangle
But I will try and make you realize this angle is merely a facade
So I ask you, Who are you?

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